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Museo Storico dello Sbarco, Sicilia

Museo Storico dello Sbarco, Sicilia

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  • Date Posted: Aug 19, 2016
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The museum was opened in September 2012, on the 69th anniversary of ‘ landing at Salerno.  The permanent exhibition was organized by the “Park of the Memory of the Campania” led by Nicola Oddati, which aims to keep alive the memory of the events that tore the Salerno coast, where from September 9, 1943 landed at Salerno more than 200,000 soldiers allies, during one of the largest amphibious operation of World war II . Salerno later played the role of capital from 11 February until August 1944 and hosted three governments: The Badoglio Government , the Government Badoglio II the Bonomi Government III , the first alternative to the fascist governments.

Content goes hereThe exhibits, from the association’s collection “Memory of Campania Park”, are approximately 200, including unreleased video of the landing, photographs, medals, uniforms army German and American, objects, weapons, a tank M4 Sherman , a willys jeep and a sealed railroad car, used by the Nazis to deport Italians Jews in concentration camps, added exposure on the occasion of remembrance day on January 27, 2013. the car is a rare example of World war II because, the world, it only a few specimens remaining. The car on display during the war was directed to Auschwitz and, inside, were crammed several dozen deportees who, due to poor conditions, often died during the journey. Back in April of 2012, another association, “Salerno in 1943,” organized an exhibition at the ‘ State Archives with the exposure of thousands of objects from private collections or collected by the association over the years and different diaries that make faithfully chronicled the terrible days of bombing in 1943. The Sherman DD In 1991 in the waters off the city of Paestum , was found by four sub one Junkers Ju 88 , German aircraft shot down perhaps by the Americans during the landing, and an Allied M4 Sherman tank, possibly he dropped from an American ship during landing phases.  soon the Salerno Gulf was considered a real cemetery of war relics and in 1998 the same diver who discovered the Sherman, made another discovery: about 24 meters deep found themselves a rare specimen of Sherman DD (Duplex Drive abbreviation amphibious capabilities of the medium). According to the Patton Museum leaders of Fort Knox that tank should not have been found there, as this type had not participated in Operation Avalanche, but it was discovered that in fact this was part of an experiment commissioned by Dwight Eisenhower . The tank remained on until 2002 when the seabed, Mario de Pasquale, retrieved it from the sea and, after restoring it, he exhibited it in his Piana delle Orme Museum . But in 2012, the State Attorney General sues civil to Piana delle Orme to return the tank, considering the opinion of the Superintendent of 2002, which allowed the recovery of the wagon, unacceptable and wrong.[/learn_more]

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